Nina Simone – Lulu Rouge Bootleg (Destino – Walt Disney & Salvador Dali)

Best Explanation found online after the video:

what’s bizarre is this story makes sense to me. To me, it’s a coming of age story involving a woman in search of true love as the end result of her sexual and emotional development. It’s a tad romantic in that regard, but Dali was a spanish artisan in the early 20th century. Romanticism was the norm. Even the surrealists could be traditionalists.

She starts out as a child fantasizing of an ideal that dissolves as she metamorphosizes into a young woman. climbing the heights of her sexuality (the limbless bust, which I assume is meant to be inclusive imagery) she indulges multiple parties with multiple affairs–possibly even orgies–but as she peaks, reaching the top of her adulescent high she’s met by accusing eyes and pointing fingers that rip off her only means of cover and composure, her clothes. Stripped bare, she retreats into a shell and descends into depression. The prickly phones refer, I think, to the string of friends who have tried to reach her in her depression. She slowly recovers, stepping down from her suspended self-imposed prison.

Ultimately she returns back to her original ideal of love, wanting something more valuable and virtuous (in her mind), marriage. Hence why she mimes and physically immerses herself in the imagery of a wedding dress and bell. She wants something more existentially gratifying than passion: she wants true love.

Of course, old habits die hard, so she tries to get a relationship the same way she tried to have sex, by pollinating, by putting out a scent. The man in the story, compelled partly by his mortality–there’s some symbolism I’m sure to do with one’s “biological” clock–is birthed from the woman’s icon and becomes the reality, a suitable lover and husband. The two lost souls acknowledge one another from afar as their ideal suitor: but of course life gets in the way, as with any melodrama. There’s also some bullshit with bread-wearing bicyclist but I have no clue what the fuck that shit means.

Then it gets weird, then two ugly ass creatures I’m assuming are their parents or his parents introduce the couple together and at last the lovers are united. Hurray!

The vacuous patch in the monolith, the symbol for the man and the woman and their obligations, ideals and dreams, is replaced with the image of a wedding bell. The bird, which I believe is representative of the girl’s spiritual freedom or her yearning for freedom is replaced with matrimony, filling the hole she had in the beginning of the story.

I absolutely love this short, bread-headed bicyclist and all, because it’s a charming abstract of a timeless story.



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